Wednesday, July 04, 2007

New Tattoo

I went yesterday evening to get my new dragonfly tattoo. It was done by Josh Brown at Absolute Art in Richmond.
I was really nervous. This is not my first tattoo, but to me, getting tattooed is a very ritualistic kind of act. All of mine have meant something, marked a milestone, emotionally or chronologically (my last one was my 30th birthday tattoo--also by Josh).

This is the one for Theo. I thought I might be crying or upset or overwhelmed emotionally. I also knew it would hurt--and it did--but I thought to myself, "it can't hurt more than being without Theo"--but it is a very different kind of pain. I discovered though that getting a tattoo doesn't hurt anywhere near as bad as labor!!
Jamie went with me and held my hand the whole time. I didn't cry at all, I felt really happy--probably the endorphins kicking in. I am really happy with it though. I love it, it is really beautiful. I wish it was just a tad higher, but I also don't want others to be able to see it if I bend down or whatever. This one is very private and personal. I wouldn't want random people to be just staring down my shirt at it. As it is, it is placed exactly in the middle of my torso--between my breasts, where he fed, just above my belly where he grew and just under my heart, where he will always be, now and forever.

The photos of the dragonflies were taken by Jamie in the park near our house.

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