Thursday, April 20, 2006

Yoga Class in Theo's Honor

Dear Baby Theo's loving friends,

My name is Nora Vimala Pozzi. I have been Karla's yoga teacher and her trainer while she was training to become a yoga teacher two years ago. I have been wanting to do something for her.

As you all know it is very difficult to do anything at all, without feeling it is never enough. The journey that both Karla and Jamie have traveled since last August, has been painful and dramatic. They have survived and have become stronger in their spirits, but to the expense of a lot of grief, which just two months after Theo's passing, is probably in its earliest stages. The emptiness that Baby Theo has left in their home and hearts is almost more than anybody can endure. What is more, now that Baby Theo is not around in his physical form anymore, most probably, the wonderful support from friends may start to dwindle.

The upcoming Memorial Service and Theo's Life Celebration will be an opportunity to bring us all together.

I wanted to offer Karla a gift of a Yoga Class for her friends and supporters at The First Unitarian Church, the same church where the Service will be held. The purpose will be a means to raise some money to help pay for the rental of the space for the service ($200), since I will be offering my teachings for free, the income will go directly to Karla and Jamie. The class will also serve to bring some of her friends and supporters together to share an activity that is both spiritually uplifting and physically relaxing. The class will be dedicated to Baby Theo. The donation for the class will be a minimum of $12 (which is a standard class fee) or more if you feel that you would like to donate more. All donations will go directly to Karla and Jamie as a gift to help pay for the cost of the service, rent of the space, flowers, refreshments, etc. However, if your budget is low and you cannot afford it, just donate whatever you can.

The space can hold approx. 15 people or very crowded, 20 maximum. If you think that you want to attend, please send a response ASAP so that we can reserve your space. If you sign up and decide not to come, let us know, so that we can give your space to someone else. YOGA CLASS with Nora Pozzi in honor of BABY THEO to raise funds for the Memorial Service DAY: Monday May 1, 2006 TIME: 7:45-9pm LOCATION: First Unitarian Church 1000 Blanton Ave (across the Carillon in Byrd Park) entrance through Douglasdale Rd. DONATION: $12 or more WHAT TO BRING: a Yoga Mat or a big towel Don't eat a big meal at least 2 hours before class

Email Karla at this address or Nora directly at

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Anonymous said...

You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I had gone back and read some on your entries, and I keep thinking of baby Theo's "sleeping smile". Despite his physical limitations, you can see that angelic smile. I often wonder what beautiful, peaceful dreams he must have had despite everything. Thank you, Karla, for having the strength to share your family's story. God Bless Baby Theo.
Samantha Markham