Sunday, August 28, 2005

Good news this morning! 8/28/05

Theo had a good night last night, fairly calm. They had taken him off his fentenyl(the pain medication) and were giving him doses of ativan when he would become active or begin fighting against all his tubes and plugs and such. They were hoping to be able to leave him off the pain meds but decided to resume the most recent amount (half the original dose) due to his struggling each time the ativan wore off. After that he slept peacefully with no problems.

He went for another CT scan this morning around 9:30 which was read soon after by the neurosurgeon on duty, Dr. Highsmith. The scan shows very good reduction of swelling and good movement of the brain back towards the midline. He also told us that they had tested the fluid that has been draining from his ventricles and it shows no infection or abnormalities. The fluid has been getting steadily clearer and less in amount, also, which is good. The neurosurgeon is currently removing the Codman monitor, the one which measures ICP (intercranial pressure) and is located just under the skull. The other measurement of ICP comes from the ventricular tube which is inserted directly in the left ventricle. This one they will clamp off. They are leaving it in just in case more needs to drain--which it probably will, but that's to be expected. The Codman removal and the clamping of the ventric tube are both very good signs of lowering pressure and more normal amounts of CSF (cerebral spinal fluid) production. He is going to stay on his fentenyl for pain and the phenobarbitol for any seizure activity that may occur, though it doesn't appear that there any is right now. He is doing very well right now.

I know that the great progress we are seeing is a direct result of all the prayers, meditations, chants and loving, healing energies being sent our way. Please continue to pray and meditate and to send out love and positive energies. One of our neighbors, a jazz musician, is playing a Thelonious Monk song nightly on his stand up bass for our Thelonius. Any lovingkindness and healing thought, actions and prayers you send our way makes a difference. I know that it does and I can feel it too.

We still have not heard anything on the pathology report. We will most likely hear something tomorrow or the next day. Again, I am still currently focusing on the immediate situation which looks really good right now.



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