Wednesday, August 31, 2005

News for 8/31/05

Today has been a big day for Mr. Theo. He was extubated (breathing tube removed) at 9:00 a.m. this morning. Shortly after that they took out the central line in his femoral artery. Prior to that, they had inserted an IV and he promptly yanked it out right after they took out the central line. Instead of sticking him again, they just left it and are giving him his steroids and methadone through the feeding tube. They took the feeding tube out but he wouldn't take a bottle--I think that I could have gotten him to do it--or if they would have let me try, I bet he would have breastfed. Anyway, they will have the SLP (speech pathologist) look at him again tomorrow and try to do a swallowing test. This afternoon they took out the ventric tube. So the only thing he's hooked up to right now is the feeding tube. And the heart rate and respiration monitors--but those are just the regular leads that are stuck to his chest--non-invasive stuff. Tomorrow they will probably try to get another IV in. Jamie talked with the oncologist Dr. Dunn today and she said taht the cancer was in fact the chortoid plexus carcinoma. They are waiting for one more stain to be returned and will talk to us further about treatment plans and such tomorrow. She did say that they would most likely put a port type thing in an artery near his heart to deliver the chemo since his little baby veins are not very cooperative as it is and could not stand sustained medication delivery (especially that nasty chemo--but it has to be done). That's all we know right now except that this kind of brain tumor is one of the most rare that exists. I will update you after we both meet with Dr. Dunn and the Heemonk team tomorrow.

Keep up the prayers and love and meditations and chants and whatever you are sending our way. I always feel I must reiterate how very much we appreciate and need those. We heard today from Jamie's Aunt Ruth that Theo is being prayed for all the way over in France and that a prayer network was begun at Lourdes and is probably all over Europe by now. So now it's gone overseas ~~

Love and Kisses--

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