Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Change in plans 9/06/05

Neurosurgery just called up to the nurses to tell us that his surgery will not happen today but tomorrow. Apparently, due to the holiday weekend, pre-scheduled surgeries and the number of traumas, the OR rooms are backed up. This morning, they changed him from evening to an earlier time--noonish--but then there were some problems with the surgery right before him so he was bumped back to the late afternoon. Now, because of the overabundance of surgeries/holiday backup/trauma going on, they can't get a room after 4:00 p.m. for neurosurgery. Since they want to do the portacath and the shunt at the same time, pediatric surgery (placing the portacath) and neurosurgery (placing the shunt)must coordinate times and operating rooms, so he will go tomorrow. This is really ok with me because it gives him another day to rest, get stronger and just take a break.

Otherwise, he is doing fine. I just left the room where he is sleeping peacefully with a full belly of breastmilk, a dose of tylenol and a dose of methadone--which he is now getting on a PRN (as needed) basis. He was a little shaky and his heart rate was somewhat higher than normal so, I suggested he get his PRN drugs and the doctors agreed. He looks so beautiful and content.

I feel very positively about him. I really do know that he will be ok. It's just getting through it all that is so hard. I am so grateful, and so is Jamie, for all the wonderful support and love we have been receiving from so, so many people. I want you all to know how strongly I really do feel and sense your support, love, and positive energies constantly flowing to us. I know at any given moment, someone is thinking of us, praying for us, sending us love, good thoughts, positive energies, wishing us well. I can't tell you how much it means to us. And all the people who have done so many things to help us out: coming over to walk Chloe, feeding her and the cats in the evenings when we are here at the hospital, sending off packages for me, picking up a book for Jamie, getting our mail, dropping off yummy gazpacho, bread and cheese, brownies, Ukrops gift cards, gift certificates for the coffee bar here n the hospital, $$ with notes to get a good dinner, etc., coming over to clean our house, droppign off dragonflies :-)--all these things and more our dear friends, family and neighbors have done for us. Not to mention all the beautiful, supportive, uplifting emails I get daily. Thank you all so much. I can't tell you enough how much all this has meant and continues to mean to us. I could never repay all the love and kindness extended to us. We love you all so much in return and feel so blessed, loved and supported.

I will, of course, keep you updated. I don't expect any further changes today. I'll let you know about his surgery tomorrow.

All our love--

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