Friday, September 09, 2005

Slow day 9/9/05

Not much happening today. He is resting calmly. He will start chemo tomorrow and get a dose Saturday, Sunday and Monday I believe. Dr. Massey told me it would be over a three day period so I'm guessing he will get a small amount each day. They will observe him and give lots of fluids as well. After that he gets a dose of the A1 medicines once a week until week 5 then they will switch to A2. Then it's every other week till they switch to the B group which are the really toxic ones. He will spend 24 hours in the hospital for that one. I am getting ready to head over there right now. I expect a quiet evening.

The neurologist told Jamie that she saw no lesions on his spine, or anything out of the ordinary, from the MRI yesterday evening, but that the oncology department would be looking at it more closely and give us a more thorough reading. I continue to believe that he will have no spinal problems. They only did MRI of the spine, not the brain, so there will probably be another MRI over the next few days, maybe Monday, for the neuro-surgeons and oncologists to check out the brain and the tumor and shunt sites.

His vision is getting better daily. Even though I have been seeing daily improvement in small increments, the neurologists have just agreed with me that he is tracking (following objects with his eyes as they move from side to side or around the room) and focusing for brief periods. This is very positive. He is getting a little better every day. We are now cheering on his sucking and swallowing abilities as well. Keep praying for improvements in those areas.

Also continue to pray and think good thoughts as we start the chemo journey tomorrow.


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