Sunday, September 18, 2005

Last Day 9/18/05

Today is our last day here--we are counting down the hours. So far the doctors are continuing to say that everything looks good for going home tomorrow. They say around noon, so that really means about 4:00 p.m. And things tend to change quickly around here. I'm just hoping that nothing will prevent our leaving tomorrow. We are very excited about having him home with us.

Theo is doing well (except he really needs to poo--he is a little constipated--he's getting stuff to help him go). He is asleep right now and looking very peaceful. He looks like he is dreaming, little eyes nmoving around, mouth moving. I wonder what he is dreaming of; I hope beautiful things. Maybe he is dreaming of being home.

We have been learning how to do everything we will need to do at home. I took out his ng tube yesterday and put a new one in. It wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. The tube needs to be changed once a month. We have both practiced changing his dressing on his Hickman which gets done once a week. We have both also given him all his medicines through his tube yesterday and today. So with the home health support, we should be ok. They will meet us tomorrow when we get home to help us hook up his IV drip for the antibiotics, teach us how to use the pump for the antibiotics and the feeding pump. We haven't learned those things in the hospital because they aren't certain we will be using the same equipment they have here, so we are just waiting to learn on the ones we'll be using. We will have very good support from the Noah's Ark people, nurses, volunteers, social workers, etc. I think they are there as much or as little as we need. They will deliver all his medicines and supplies to us and make sure we have what we need for his care. They also have therapists, support groups and clergy people for mental health and spiritual support as well.

We are both really happy that Theo will be home with us. I know he will be more comfortable and so will we. After his course of antibiotics is done--in about a week or so, he won't be hooked up to anything except for when he is feeding so we will be able to walk around with him, hold him whenever we want, go for walks in the stroller, rides in the car, go out anywhere we want with him. It will feel so much better and more normal. We are also glad that people will be able to visit us at home instead of here. I am so thankful for all the wonderful support we have gotten and continue to get from all our friends and family.

I will continue to post about Theo's adventures and how we are all doing.

We love you all--

P.S ---Happy birthday Mommie! I love you.
It's my mom's birthday today :-)


mandyfisher66900947 said...
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ROBIN said...

I'm very happy for your family :-)
I've been keeping him in my thoughts and prayers