Monday, September 05, 2005

Labor Day, 9/5/05

The thought of Labor Day now makes me think of giving birth. I kind of feel like that's what we've been doing--going through a new birth. And I do know that just like the first time, it may feel really painful and like it might kill me any second, but suddenly it will be over and he will be here in my arms, healthy and beautiful and all the pain will seem magically gone. That's just what it will be like. This time it's more drawn out (although the first time sure did seem to take forever!).

Just to keep you updated, he is going in for his placement of either the portacath or the Hickman (for chemo delivery and iv) tomorrow around 5:00 or 6:00p.m.
The neurosurgeons will place the permanant shunt in at the same time. They should be done around 8:00p.m.. I will, of course, let you know how it goes, but we nor the surgeons expect any problems.

We have moved down the hall from 7-608 to 7-612 in the PICU. For people who have the phone number to 608--our old room on the PICU: the new number is the same but ends in 26 instead of 34. We are still in the PICU, just in a different room. While we were out at dinner last night, our nurse moved us to the new empty room so Theo could have a TV--the one in 608 was broken. I really didn't care though. It's amazing how little I have missed TV. Our TV at home has stayed on Animal Planet for Chloe to watch, and I don't even change it from there except to catch maybe three minutes of news in the mornings. Theo does seem to watch the moving images and colors though, so if he is happy, I am happy. Speakign of what he is seeing--the opthamologists haven't done the occipital test yet--I'll let you know when they do.

Everyone please keep us in your thoughts tomorrow evening for the surgery. I'm really hoping his veins can support the portacath so he won't have anything dangling outside his little body. We won't know till the surgeon gets in there and sees what she can see.

Stuff will be sent out to St. Jude's tomorrow by FedEx. Hopefully they will be in contact with Dr. Massey tomorrow as well.

Stay tuned...

Love to you all--

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